Harley-Davidson Garage in Biguglia


Give your Harley-Davidson a unique look...

Together with Roland Sands Design, we are in the business of tweaking Harley-Davidsons to make them better and one of a kind 

Rick`s Motorcycles 

We also work with Rick’s Motorcycles, one of the oldest Harley-Davidson customizers in Europe with an enormous amount of experience 

We guarantee economical solutions for your Harley-Davidson ... 


With our new garage manager, Jean Claude Bernard, and his immense experience with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, we can help you give your bike the care it deserves. We offer all-inclusive maintenance packages, including oil changes and air filter services ... 
We can also keep your Harley-Davidson tuned and running at its best with our Screamin' Eagle software .. 

24 Hour Assistance

Corsica Motorcycles provides a 24 hour assistance service for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. With advanced diagnostic technology, we can help you get back on the road as soon as possible. 

Borgo  Corte : 200 €
Borgo  Rogliano : 200 €
Borgo  Calvi : 270 €

Borgo  Ajaccio : 400 €
Borgo  Bonifacio : 420 €
Borgo  Sartène : 500 €

For all other addresses, please contact us!  Rates vary according to traffic.